October 30, 2002

30th October 2002

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 30th October 2002

PRESENT: Mrs. Risley-Pritchard (in the chair)
Mrs.Butcher, Mr.Butcher, Dr.Hollway, Mr. Hunt, Cll. A.Molland (WCC)
APOLOGIES: Mr. Daw, Mrs.Currie, Cll. J. Combe(KDC)

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 4th September 2002 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Vice-Chairman.


Recycle bins; Clerk advised that it would cost 260.00 to soundproof each of the glass recycling bins. The site would require two large (1100litre) bins for green and clear glass. In addition there would be a smaller bin for brown glass which may not need soundproofing as the glass does not drop very far and therefore causes less noise.
We have been advised that it would probably be half the cost to line the smaller bin.
There would also be a large bin for paper.
Clerk to contact Mrs. White to see if there are any similar bins in the area.

Possible closure of Village Shop/Post Office: Steering Committee has been formed and we have been advised that they are very active in progressing the situation.


Village Hall: Mrs. Lane will take over the duties of Treasurer. Improvements to be made to the Car Park. AGM was well attended.

PCC: Financial awareness; Presentations to be made at the Village School on 9th November following recent poster campaign.

Footpaths: Priest Lane still to be cleared following agreement with Mr. Game.

Leisure Facilities: ROSPA inspection carried out on 7th September. Clerk to write to ROSPA for clarification of various comments included in their report. Painting of the Play Area has now been completed.

Golden Jubilee: Clerk to progress purchase of Tree Seat to commemorate the Golden Jubilee.

Pewsey Vale Quiet Lanes Project: This meeting was attended by Mr. C. Butcher on 21st October 2002 at Bouverie Hall Pewsey. It is intended to create a quieter area in the Pewsey Vale for all people. This would hopefully benefit walkers with the improvements to footpaths, horse riders with improvements to byways and cyclists with the reduction in speed of traffic on designated roads. It would not be possible on all routes, as it was recognised that there is a need for through routes, i.e. north to south and east to west. There is a keen desire to make a notable physical appearance when entering and leaving the area. It is anticipated that this will be a three year undertaking, with 100,000 being allocated per annum from WCC. The meeting was well attended with all those present participating in the project development.

Liaison Meeting: Unfortunately no one available to attend.

Planning Applications:
K/043836 K S Baron Esq. The Barn, Rendells Farm, All Cannings. Formation of a Lake: Amended Plans
K/044162 Mr. G Buckland, Land adjacent to Prospect Cottages, All Cannings. The erection of a detached house and garage.

Planning Permissions:
K/043751 Mr. and Mrs. Postlethwaite, Home Farm, Allington. Proposed swimming pool/oil tank location.
K/043926 British Waterways.At land adjacent All Cannings Road bridge and the Kennet and Avon canal. To form an existing area, currently used by the public for recreational car parking. Proposals include a new clay puddle store, repairs to access track and car parking surfaces, new drainage system, refuse enclosure, native tree and shrub planting scheme.
K/043836 K S Baron Esq. The Barn, Rendells Farm, All Cannings. Formation of a Lake: Amended Plans.

Planning Permission Refusal:
K/043942 Mr. And Mrs. Leary Sunnyside Cottage, The Street All Cannings. The erection of a two storey extension.

Transport Grants: It appears that this project may not be applicable.
British Waterways: Clerk has written to Highways regarding possible improvements to drainage whilst BW are carrying out work on the existing canal area. Highways have advised that this will not be possible and that the position can be assessed this winter to find a possible course of action when funds become available. Lists are being prepared for works during 2003/4, at present.
Tagged Bin Collection Service: KDC to continue with collection of waste from dustbin situated at the Cemetery.
Swindon and Marlborough NHS: Transfer of Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) to the Great Western Hospital Swindon on Tuesday 3rd December 2002.
WCC Electoral Review: No change to Kennet Area
Cutting of Green: Correspondence received from Football Club with respect to the frequency of cutting. Clerk to respond explaining current position.

Two cheques were submitted for signature.
Mr. G. Game Path clearance at footpaths: 000411 25.00

ROSPA Inspection of Leisure Facilities: 000412 82.84
Cheques received: J. Stuart Fun. Dir. (Mr. J. Hues Internment) 29.00
Precept: Second Instalment: 2475.00

Account Balances: Leisure Investment Account 7604484 5222.71
Treasurers Account 0019780 5511.54
New Mandate required from Lloyds TSB.

Damage to Pound Area: Clerk to put notices in Post Office, Parish Council notice board and PCC Newsletter.

Cll. A. Molland described the new plans for improvement to the car parking facilities in the Market Area. This will allow for an extra fourteen cars. He also advised that the Fire Brigade in Wiltshire would operate as normal during the forthcoming strikes.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm

___________________Chairman _____________________Date

Next meeting: Wednesday 27th November 2002

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