June 26, 2002

26th June 2002

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 26th June 2002

PRESENT: Mr. T. Daw (in the chair)
Mrs Currie, Mr Hunt, Mr. Butcher, Mrs Butcher,
Dr Hollway, Mrs Riseley- Prichard, Cllr J Combe(KDC)
Cllr A Molland (W.C.C.)

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 29th May 2002 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Recycle bins: see Village Hall committee

Statutory Parish Councils Model Code of Conduct 2001 Order: The Register of Interests Forms were sent off after the May meeting. The Clerk has retained the Acceptance of Office forms. Pocket sizes booklets about councillorís responsibilities under the new code were handed out.

Humbert's Field: No response has been received. The Clerk will chase them up for a response and alert them to the need for another grass cut.

Audit: Forms have been received from the external auditors. The outgoing Clerk will take the incoming Clerk through the new requirements. A company from Swindon RBS Auditing Solutions have written offering their services as internal auditors for a cost of £320 per annum plus travel charges. The Clerk has filled in an information sheet for the company to give a more accurate quote and is awaiting this information. She has also contacted the councilís previous auditors David Owen & Co who after much persuasion have agreed in principle to act as internal auditors. The Clerk is waiting for RBS to state the amount before contacting David Owen & CO for their quotation. It was decided that provided the quote from David Owen & CO was below or equal to that of RBS then they should be engaged as the councilís Internal Auditor.

Parish Lengthsmen Scheme: A visit was carried out on June 5/6th the Clerk had sent the job sheet and had faxed it. All jobs on the list seem to have been attended to.

Doomsday Book: It looks like the school is the most likely place for the book to be kept. The issue of insurance is still to be sorted out Mr Hunt was asked to let them know that the council is there to help if needed.

Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 26th June 2002

Parish Notice Board: The Clerk received a phone call from the Village Hall about their notice board needing to be replaced and the idea of joining up with the Parish
Council and sharing one board. Also they felt there would be a need for a general notice board to be made should the local shop and Post Office close .The Clerk informed Mr Ashford-Brown of this new development and he is waiting for further instructions. After discussion it was decided to go ahead and repair the notice board as originally planned and offer the Village Hall access to it. The Clerk will contact him to go ahead as soon as possible.
The issue of a new board being required was raised by a letter from Mr B Ball and put into the subject of the potential closure of the shop. See A.O.B


Village Hall: There was a poorly attended meeting in early June. The issue of the recycle bins came up and the committee need a formal request from the parish council to cite the bins on Village hall land to enable the committee to take over the rest of the process. They have put up a new boundary fence and new doors are to be installed.

PCC: No meeting until early July fundraising continues through coffee mornings etc.

FtPs: The Clerk has applied for a Litter Grant and received it a sum of £150 from KDC. The Clerk also researched the cost of litter grabbers. Mr Vince Kimber at KDC informed the Clerk that the council could hire up to ten grabbers for a Litter Pick up Day. The cost of buying one is £25. After looking at other seemingly cheaper options before transport costs were added on it was decided to buy a grabber from KDC. The Clerk was asked to put up a card in the shop advertising casual labour clearance and litter collection work was needed by the council. Payment to be made from the litter grant

Transport: None

Leisure Facilities:
Play Area:
Community Services are coming out do the swing re-painting job. However they have not contacted the Clerk yet. The present Clerk has bought paints and brushes, and will hand them over to the new Clerk.

The new notice board has been put up in the Church porch. Mr Coles has been contacted to cut back the vegetation from the Church buttresses as they are encroaching on the drainage gulleys.

Cemetery: The bin has been put out on Lipgate Road, hopefully ensuring it gets emptied. The redistribution of excess soil need to be looked at, Mr Game will be asked his opinion.

Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 26th June 2002

Golden Jubilee: A letter of thanks should be sent to the committee to thank them for their excellent organisation. Mr Scott informed the council that there as some money left over that the committee felt should pay for or go towards paying for something for the parish such as a tree, bench or notice-board. The council will offer its ideas at the next meeting.

School: The School Fete is this weekend Sat 29th June and Sports Day will be on 5th July. There is also a musical of The Wizard of Oz being held on 16/17th July.


Planning Applications:
K/043534 Mr & Mrs Oakley, Chandlers Cottage, 16 The Street, All Cannings. Demolition of single storey extension and erection of a two-storey extension in its place
Planning Permissions:
K/04311 Mr Bills, Pampisford, The Street, All Cannings. Erection of a white PVCU conservatory at rear of property
K/043147 and K/043179/L Mr Baron the Barn, Rendells Farm All Cannings
Erection of a single storey extension
Investigation of former school: The owners were informed by KDC of the breach in planning regulation and have filled in the gap in the boundary wall accordingly.

Notice- Board: Mr B Ball wrote to the council about the potential need for a general notice board to be provided for the village should the shop close. See Shop Closure under A.O.B

Conservation Area: Mr Colin Johns rang the Clerk to inform the council that the first draft of his document on the All Cannings Conservation Assessment was due in the next three weeks and a copy would be sent to the new Clerk. The areas covered are: architectural character; building materials and details; landscape setting-open spaces and trees; problems and eyesores; the planning context and preservation and enhancement.

Best Kept Village: Results from the competition have been received All Cannings came fourth an improvement of 6 points from last year the main area letting us down was the state of the notice-boards.

Three cheques were submitted for signature.
26thJune Mr G Game-wages Cem,Glebe&Green000400 £696.00
ď ď Mr F Coles-wages Churchyd 000401 £147.50
ď ď Mrs A Daw-Clerkwages&exp 000402 £298.94
Received- Litter Grant KDC £150.00

Page 4 of Parish Council Minutes dated 26th June 2002

Pub Lane Sign: A metal post anchor is required to reinstate the sign due to rotting. The Clerk obtained costing from Jewson in Devizes for all four sizes available. Based on these costs the Clerk was authorised to bury the appropriate anchor up to the cost of the biggest size available. The Clerk will contact the Luffmans who have the sign to find out its size and arrange its reinstatement


Shop Closure: The Parish Councillors felt it their duty to arrange a public meeting on this issue in September but advertised as soon as possible in the event that the shop and Post Office close if no buyer has come forward by that time. The Clerk was asked to contact the Gazette & Herald correspondent to write of the councilís dismay that nothing is being actively done about this possible loss to the community.

Mr Ken Bellotti- memorial tree: The Garden Club wish to plant a tree in the village in commemoration of Mr Bellottiís long association with the club and are seeking the councilís permission and ideas for its location. The council agreed that a tree should be planted on council land as Mr Bellotti also served on the council for many years .The location will be thought about at the next meeting in the meantime it was suggested that Mrs Bellotti may have a particular wish and the Clerk was asked to contact the Garden Club accordingly.

Cemetery Railings: A railing has been removed along the school boundary, which will need to be replaced. Mr Daw will investigate this.

Proposed re-Development of North Gate, Devizes: Cllr Jenny Combe showed the council the proposed plans of the development and alerted them to the consultation time being finished on 12th July. The Clerk had only received the leaflets that morning and will pass them around as soon as possible and put the excess in the shop. Mrs Combe also reported on the public meeting about the relocation of Devizes Community Hospital to Green Lane and selling off of the present hospital site. A booklet outlining all the issues is available from the present hospital and doctorís surgeries.

Meeting closed at 9.00pm

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