November 28, 2001

28th November 2001

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 28th November 2001

PRESENT: Mrs Currie (in the chair)
Mr Hunt,Dr Hollway, Mr. Butcher
Cllr A Molland (W.C.C.)
Cllr J Combe(KDC), Mrs Riseley- Prichard ,Mr.T. Daw, Mrs Butcher,

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 31st October 2001 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Recycle bins: The Clerk has discovered from Kennet that residents had raised an objection. After discussion it was suggested that British Waterways be contacted to see if recycling bins could be recited at the Cannings Bridge site.

Church wall repair: The Clerk had written to Mr Curnick and would write to the Richardsons too who own the adjoining property about the state of the wall.

Canal Boat’s Waste: The Clerk spoke to British Waterways about this, and was told that there are plans to develop the Cannings Bridge car park area, which would include citing waste bins there.


Village Hall: None

PCC: .A Christmas fundraising event raised £300 in the Village Hall. There is to be another fundraising tea at Rose Cottage on 5th December at 2.30p.m

FtPs: Millennium Committee are still trying to get the map of all the local footpaths in the parish laminated and protected in a notice board to be place in the village.

Transport: A public meeting of PVTAG on 13th November at Bouverie Hall in Pewsey. Minutes should be received soon.

Leisure Facilities:
Play Area:
Playquest have quoted the most reasonable price, it was proposed by Mr Hunt and seconded by Dr Hollway that they should be asked to carry out the replacement and installation of the net. The bolts on the swing need replacing it was agreed that Mr Hunt would investigate and replace them out of meeting. It was proposed by Dr Hollway and seconded by Mr Butcher that Mr Hunt could purchase the bolts and be

Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 28th November 2001
reimbursed by the Clerk. The Clerk was asked to contact Community Services to organise them to come and repaint the swings and bars in the Spring

War Memorial- The British Legion informed the Clerk that it was usually the local District Council who is responsible for war memorials. The Clerk would contact Mr Lund at KDC.


Planning Applications:
K/042365/T Mr Frost, Rybury, Townsend All Cannings
Trim a willow in rear garden
K/042356 Mr Baron, Rendells Farm, All Cannings
Formation of a Lake

Parish Welcome Pack: Rev. Attwater has written to the council asking for input about a welcome pack to be given to new residents in the parish. Mrs Currie informed the council that All Cannings already runs such a scheme and she would tell Sally of it. The Clerk asked to see a copy so she might see if she had any more useful numbers to add.

Devizes & District Link: A letter reporting on the last year’s results and a request for a donation was received. As the organisation falls under the council’s donation policy it was proposed by Dr Hollway and seconded by Mr Hunt that a donation of £55.00 should be made. This cheque would be made out of meeting.

Six cheques were submitted for signature.
28th Nov A.C.Village Hall – Sept hire 000375 £4.38
“ “ Mr Coles-Churchyd wages 000376 £143
“ “ Mr Gunnell-Cemetry wages 000377 £90.00
“ “ Mr Game- Glebe&Greenwages 000378 £584.00
“ “ Mrs Daw-wages & expenses 000379 £184.23
“ “ David Owen&Co- Audit fees 00&01 000380 £411.26

Received- Memorial fee £30.00 – P Strawbridge
The annual Parish Council Precept form has been received. As not all council members were present the Clerk was asked to summarise the expected expenditure for the next financial year given that the grass cutting maintenance has increased dramatically. The Clerk would send round options for an increase so the councillors might vote the majority choice would be given as the council’s request to the district council.

Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 28th November 2001

DTLR - A letter to the council informing us of the “Accounts and Audit Amendment Regulations 2001 – S1 2001/3244 was received. It states that the amendment was laid before Parliament on 2 October and will come into force on 23 October. The amendment affecting our council is the requirement to publish the external auditor’s annual letter issued at the end of an audit and the change of the threshold level above which parish councils are required to prepare income and expenditure accounts. This has been amended from £5,000 to £50,000. Which means our parish can return to the receipts and payments method.
The certificate of Audit was read out from David Owen & Co, the Clerk was asked to write a letter of thanks to them.


Green Dog Fouling: The Clerk was asked to contact Mr Champion at KDC to ask that new dog fouling signs be place on the Green particularly on the new cycle track sign.

Chandlers Close: It has been noted that a velux window has been made in one of the property’s roof, the Clerk was asked to check if planning permission was needed.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm

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