October 31, 2001

31st October 2001

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 31st October 2001

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mr Hunt, Mrs Currie
Dr Hollway, Mrs Riseley- Prichard
Cllr J Combe(KDC),Cllr A Molland (W.C.C.)
Mrs Butcher, Mr. Butcher

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 26th September 2001 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Recycle bins: There has been a problem with the budget but Kennet are hopeful that it will all go ahead soon. The Clerk was asked to check with Kennet that no objections had been raised by any residents.

Church wall repair: The Clerk had been unable to find any deeds for the wall. It was decided to contact Mr Curnick who owns the properties some of which back onto the wall as it seems that the wall might be part of their boundary, not the Churchyard’s.

Rubbish on Glebe Field: A sign has been put up and no new rubbish has been dumped.


Village Hall: None

PCC: The Michealmas Fair on 6th October raised £2500 to be shared between the three churches. A Christmas fundraising event is to be held November 20th in the Village Hall

FtPs: None

Transport: A public meeting of PVTAG on 13th November at Bouverie Hall in Pewsey

Leisure Facilities:

Play Area:
Replacing the net on the Adventure Trail equipment has been quoted for, the Clerk was asked to query one quote before any decision was made. The fencing at the back of the play area has been completed by Mr Game.
Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 31st October 2001

ROSPA have carried out their annual inspection see summary list for action plan.

War Memorial- The Clerk contacted the school who are very busy at the moment but the Headteacher will talk to the Year 6 Teacher to see if the children could do rubbings. It was also suggested that the British Legion might be contacted for advice and the Diocese office to see if any plans of the original drawings of the monument were in existence.
Planting: The Clerk has visited the flower farm at Shalbourne and after discussion it was decided that the Spring would be a better time to plant new wild plants to give them a chance against the grasses that are already established. The Clerk asked the councillors if they would agree to her writing to the owners asking them to put aside the appropriate plants until Spring 2002 for collection. This was agreed.


Planning Applications:
K/042080 Mr & Mrs Postlethwaite, Home Farm, Allington. Erection of boiler room and porch, external alterations to rear extension and conversion of garage
K/042235 & K/042234/L Mr & Mrs Birch, 39 White Rose Cottage, The Street All Cannings. Erection of single storey conservatory
Planning Permissions.
K/041918/T Mr Cater, 34 Corner Cottage All Cannings
Removal of approx.10% growth of Crab Apple tree in garden
K/042080 Mr & Mrs Postlethwaite, Home Farm, Allington. Erection of boiler room and porch, external alterations to rear extension and conversion of garage

Leonard Cheshire: A request for a meeting to explain their services and ways of reaching the community was received via a letter. It was felt that most local organisations knew of their service and that the council could best help by having some posters on the boards to help. The Clerk was asked to contact them to this effect.

CPRE: Sent a pamphlet guide about planning applications and an invitation to join their organisation. This was felt to be unnecessary due to the council already being a member of WALC and NALC who provide much the same service.

Three cheques were submitted for signature.
31st Oct Mr Game- play area fencing 000372 £293.00
“ “ Mrs S Butcher-Slide painting supplies 000373 £60.35
“ “ Playground Man. Services- ROSPA inspection000374 £81.66
Received- Internment fee £25.00 – Mrs V Shipway
Outstanding fee £5.00 – Mrs E Anderton
Memorial fee - 30.00 – Mrs E Anderton
VAT reclaim - £785.75 period 1/4/01-30/9/01
Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 31st October 2001


Cemetery grass: Complaints have been received about the length of the grass the Clerk was asked to contact Mr Gunnell to alert him to this.

Canal Boat’s Waste: Due to the large number of boats using the mooring by the village there has been an increase in waste on the site and usage of the village bins particularly by the Post Office for household waste so much so that that the bin collectors are objecting, as these street bins are not for household waste. The Clerk was asked to contact British Waterways about this.

Waste Bags: It has been noted that some bags are not being collected on collection day when put out that morning this could be due to the times that they are collected varying. Mr Hunt was asked to tell the Gazette & Herald correspondent Miss S Hunt to put in a reminder in her column to ensure all bags are put out by 8am on collection day. Thereby ensuring nobody misses the collection.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm

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