June 27, 2001

27th June 2001

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 27th June 2001

Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman
Mr Daw was elected unanimously as Chairman and Mrs Currie agreed to stand again as Vice – Chairman and was duly elected.

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mrs Butcher, Mr Hunt
Mrs Currie, Mrs Riseley- Prichard, J. Combe (KDC)

Dr Hollway, Mr. Butcher,

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 30th May 2001 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Recycle bins; Mrs White telephone to inform the council that they were happy to go ahead and install the bins once the council agreed. The Clerk was asked to write a courtesy note to the Lawrence’s informing them of the decision. Mrs Butcher will ask the village hall committee to ensure the outside light is fixed in time.

Water tap: Mr Hunt has kindly replaced the whole tap with one he had spare, the council are grateful for his hard work.

WDS Ground Maintenance: The Clerk has sent a letter of complaint to WDS about the lack of cutting carried out at the end of their contract, in particular how The Green was left half done.

Chandlers Close: A letter was received from the Chief Planning Director stating that no action was to be taken regarding the flower beds as they were not classed as development only the erection of fencing would breach planning permission. Some councillors expressed concern over the constant rubbish that was left outside the property and asked the Clerk to write to the planners again about this.

Amended Plans: Information about the situation regarding amended plans was passed round to all councillors; the Clerk will keep the information on file.

Cemetery Bin: A bin has been ordered to comply with Kennet’s requirements and they agreed to include the bins emptying on their rounds.

Vandalism: The Clerk has spoken to the Police; a WPC Birt will be taking over All Cannings and Stanton St Bernard on her beat in the next few months. She is now aware of our needs and will be speaking to Inspector Bowerbank to see if a more
Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 27th June 2001

frequent presence can be arranged. She would like to come and meet the council on her appointment and the Clerk extended an open invitation to her to join any meeting.

Matta Surfacing: Have completed the surfacing under the bars.


Village Hall: A new fire door is on order and the sidelight will be repaired. The committee have taken over the area of grass behind the hall and Mr game will be maintaining it.

PCC: No news.

FtPs: Some Footpaths have been reopened providing they do not cross any land where grazing occurs or go beside livestock nor go through a farmyard, Bridleways and Rights of Way will be opened under the same conditions. The Canal Towpath is open.
A tree falling has damaged the bridge going over into the field on footpath 9; the Clerk will report it to the footpath warden

Parish Lengthsman: The next visit will tale place in September the Clerk will ask for items for a list of jobs at the July meeting and throughout the summer.

Transport: Allington Swing Bridge lock is broken the Clerk will report it to British Waterways

Leisure Facilities:
Play Area: AS&A Leisure are coming out to see what can be done, the grouting is also loose. The remaining bars have had safety-surfacing put down by Matta Products.
Community Services will arrange to come out and view the job if suitable will go ahead. The Clerk was asked to remind Mr Game that he was going to do the fencing around the back of the Adventure Trail. Mrs Butcher was thanked for all her hard work on the area.

War Memorial- the names are not legible it was suggested that local stone mason Caroline Webb be asked to look at it to see if she could make the names more legible.
Conservation area- a review of the management of this area needs to take place due to the lack of coherence and increasing concern of parishioners. The Clerk will be contacting a local wild flower farm in Shalborne about plug plants to increase the range of species in the area.

Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 27th June 2001


Planning Applications
K/041420 Mr Webber, Hedgehog Cottage, Townsend, All Cannings.
Erection of a shed
K/041472/L Clldr & Mrs Ball, Yew Tree Cottage, All Cannings.
Alterations to centre porch between front windows and make weatherproof
K/041528 Mr Curnick, land adjacent to No 12 The Street, All Cannings
Erection of a single dwelling
K/0406927 Mrs Cracknell 64 Townsend, All Cannings
Amended plans- entrance hall with cloakroom, insertion of door in place of window.
K/041520/L Mr Richards 5 Manor Farm Cottages, Allington
Rethatch main house using Longstraw, replace thatch on single storey extension with tiles

Corner Cottage: It was noted that in the advertising information at the Estate Agents the cottage was described as a four- bedroom abode. This would mean that the space above the recently built garage was to be used as a bedroom, which goes against recent planning conditions on the property. The Clerk contacted the planning department about this and received notification that they were investigating the matter. A further communication was received stating that it had been a mistake on the Estate Agents behalf and that owner was aware of the issue and would be rectifying it

Best Kept Village: Results were given All Cannings came 8th in the Medium village category. It was felt that the comments were not indicative of the marks.

Six cheques were submitted for signature.
27th June WALC – Annual Sub 000355 £131.61
“ “ Mr Coles – Churchyd wages 000356 £143.00
“ “ Mr Gunnell – Cem wages & expenses000357 £171.90
“ “ Mr Game – Glebe & Green wages 000358 £250.66
“ “ Mrs Daw –Clerk salary & expenses 000359 £183.87
“ “ Matta Products- safety surfacing bars 000360 £1,771.90

Received headstone fee £30.00 – Clifford
WDS invoice received a letter of complaint was sent concerning the lack of completed cutting done in the final month of the contract. Payment withheld until this is resolved.

Page 4 of Parish Council Minutes dated 27th June 2001


Hedge: It has been noted that the hedge at the entrance of Matthews Close on the right hand side as you approach is blocking a view down The Street for those leaving the close. The Clerk was asked to try to find out to whom the hedge belongs and ask that it be cut back.

Praise for Councillors: Mrs Combe (KDC) expressed her admiration for the way all the councillors on All Cannings Parish Council pulled their weight and contributed actively to the work necessary to run the council. She told those present that she greatly enjoyed attending meetings where problems were solved and positive action taken.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm

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