May 31, 2001

30th May 2001

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 30th May 2001

Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman
Mr Daw was elected unanimously as Chairman and Mrs Currie agreed to stand again as Vice – Chairman and was duly elected.

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mr. Butcher, Mrs Butcher, Mr Hunt
Mrs Currie, Mrs Riseley- Prichard, Dr Hollway,

Cllr Willmott (WCC), J. Combe (KDC)

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 25th April 2001 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Allington Corner: A large single chevron sign has been placed up against the hedge in line with the road so it is seen earlier. Kerbing is being put along side the road outside Wansdyke Cottage.

Recycle bins; No news the Clerk will contact Mrs White to enquire what stage has been reached.

Cemetery: The Clerk contacted Mr Fell who agreed to look at the railings unfortunately he has been unwell, but will contact the Clerk when he is able to carry out the work.

Water tap: Tap was leaking Mr Hunt will replace washer.

WDS Ground Maintenance: The Clerk has received quotations to carry out the work previously done by WDS any decision to award the contract will be done under Accounts.

Village Hall Grass: The Clerk obtained a quote for cutting the grass area outside the hall and passed it on to the Chairman Mr Oakley who will follow it up.

Chandlers Close: The Clerk contacted Mr Primrose who after looking into the matter said no action would be taken as the small flower beds were not an infringement onto the land. The councillors were very unhappy at this response and asked the Clerk to write to the Chief of Planning at KDC to complain, drawing his attention to the possible detrimental look of an area leading to an entrance into the village.

Hire of Skip: To hire an extra skip it would cost £42.10 per skip.
Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 30th May 2001

Parish Lengthsmen Scheme: Apparently the men who came out to do the work had difficulty in reading their copy of the faxed Work Detail Sheet. The Clerk will type it out in future.


Village Hall: No news, the committee would be asked to fix the outside light as soon as possible

PCC: No news.

FtPs: Some Footpaths have been reopened providing they do not cross any land where grazing occurs or go beside livestock nor go through a farmyard, Bridleways and Rights of Way will be opened under the same conditions. The Canal Towpath is open.
Parish Lengthsman: A two- man team came out to the village under the new scheme, they had difficulty reading the copy of the fax of work detail sheet. The Clerk was asked to print out the sheet in future.

Transport: No news

Leisure Facilities:
Play Area: Cycle Track has been completed, the see-saw edge is causing some concern the Clerk will contact AS&A Leisure to see what can be done. A safety sign will be installed as soon as possible
Playground Services have repaired the tiles. The two seats are being repaired with new timber. One set of bars has been removed courtesy of Mr Butcher at no cost.
The remaining bars will have safety surfacing put down by Matta Products the Clerk would organise this.
The large slide needs re-painting, the Clerk will contact Community Services to see if they could arrange a gang to do the work.
Damage to rope in Adventure Trail, the Clerk will investigate a replacement for next year.

Planning Applications
K/041321 Mr & Mrs Butcher Townsend Farm, Townsend,All Cannings.
Erection of a dwelling on land at Townsend Farm.
Planning Permission
K/041129/T Mr Fosbury,4 Matthews Close, All Cannings.
Fell conifer in garden.

Bins: The Clerk compiled a list of possible replacement bins for the Cemetery. The Clerk was asked to check that Kennet would empty the bin if placed outside the Cemetery.
Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 30th May 2001

Devizes Link: An invitation to their AGM was received to be held on 25th June at 7.30pm at the Cavalier in Eastleigh Road, Devizes.

Lifelong Learning Partnership: They have received finance and will be setting up two training units in October/November

Two cheques were submitted for signature.
30th May Cornhill Insurance – Annual Fee 000352 £341.55
“ “ AS &A Leisure - Cycle Track final paym’t 000354 £2,023.50

Sign: Commercial Sign sent their quotation for supplying and fixing the sign for the cycle track at a cost of £130 plus VAT. It was proposed by Mr Daw and seconded by Mrs Currie that it was accepted the Clerk was instructed to order it as soon as possible

Matta Surfacing: have come back with the cost of safety surfacing under the set of bars. The cost comes to £1,508.00 plus VAT for a 26m2 area. It was proposed by Dr Hollway and seconded by Mrs Riseley-Prichard that this was accepted. The Clerk would organise the work.

Grass Cutting: After obtaining various quotes the contract for the grass cutting and maintenance of the Pound and The Green was awarded to Mr Game Garden Services at a cost of £2,000 per annum all inclusive, the Clerk will draw up a contract. Work will commence from 1st June 2001 and payment will be in quarterly instalments as all other wages.


Vandalism: There has been several incidents during half-term, the Clerk was asked to contact the Police to ask that they patrol the village more frequently and alert them to the problems. In particular the telephone box has been vandalised on several occasions, the Clerk would put up notices about it and the need to keep a pay phone in the village in the shop and the Gazette & Herald and the PCC magazine.

Hotspur Cottage: Mr Dodge has been parking his van alongside his hedge next to the notice-board blocking the warning chevrons and making it difficult to exit onto the main road. The Clerk was asked to write to him and ask that the van not be parked at that position for long periods of time

Meeting closed at 9.00pm

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