February 28, 2001

28th February 2001

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 28th February 2001

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mr. Butcher, Mrs Butcher,
Mr Hunt

Cllr Willmott (WCC), J. Combe (KDC), Mrs Currie, Dr Hollway, Mrs Riseley- Prichard

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 31st January 2001 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Millennium Committee: No news.

Allington Corner: No news

Recycle bins; The Mr & Mrs Lawrence were contacted regarding the proposed re-citing their main concern is possible problems with wasps. Mrs Daw passed on this concern to Mrs White at KDC who is still liasing with Hills Waste.

Glebe Field Rubbish: Mr Game will be carrying out the work.


Village Hall: None

PCC: None.

FtPs: All Footpaths, Bridleways and Rights of Way are being closed county wide due to Foot and Mouth disease.

Transport: None.

Leisure Facilities:
Play Area: Cycle Track is awaiting good weather before being commenced. The Clerk has been given the wording to be used on a sign and will investigate costs for the next meeting.
Cradle seats and rubber tiles –Mrs Butcher recommended Playground Services to carry out the work, it was proposed by Mr Daw and seconded by Mr Butcher that the Clerk instruct them to carry out replacing the worn cradle seat and add a second to the same
frame and place a bigger tiled area under the smaller slide.
Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 28th February 2001


Planning Permissions
K/040625 Mr & Mrs Goodall, Thornycroft, All Cannings. Demolition of existing garage and replacement of outbuilding.
K/040623/L Mr & Mrs Goodall, Thornycroft, All Cannings. Demolition of existing garage and replacement of outbuilding. No permission for listed building needed
K/040607/T Mr & Mrs N. Miedzianinski-Sinclair Grange Cottage, All Cannings. To remove a Sycamore.
Planning Applications
K?040851 Mr Goadby, 41 The Street All Cannings. Erection of a 2 storey extension.

Devizes Courthouse: A letter from Wiltshire Magistrates’ Committee was received thanking the council for their support for Devizes courthouse and this would be brought to the attention of the committee.

Parish Area Liaison: Meeting to be held in Pewsey at Bouverie Hall, Tuesday 13th March at 7pm. Mr Daw or Mr Butcher will attend.

WCC: Kennet Area Office is being moved from Devizes Market Place to Hopton Road Depot on Horton Rd.

Police Mobile Station: The Clerk will write to the police with the School Fete day.

Recycling Cartridges: A letter was received informing the council of a scheme to recycle printer toner cartridges. The public can hand them in at the local libraries where they will be collected and recycled. The Clerk will put the notice up in the shop.


Three cheques were submitted for signature.
28th Feb A.C.Village Hall 000342 £5.25
“ “ Wessex Water-Cem 000343 £36.35
“ “ NALC annual sub 000344 £9.99
Internment Fee: P Strawbridge £25.00
Internment Fee & Purchased Grave £125.00

Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 28th January 2001


Abandoned car: The Clerk was asked to report an abandoned car by Allington bridge to KDC.

Street Light: Light No.1 is not working the Clerk will report it.

Meeting closed at 8.05pm

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