April 28, 1999

Chairmanís Report 1998-99

Tim Daw 28/4/99

Firstly may I say how honoured I have been to have been your chairman for the last year, I hope I have represented you as you would wish.

It has been a busy year in All Cannings, both within the Council and the village as a whole and for the record I would like to record a few of the highlights.

However I thought it might be interesting to look back over the last fifty years and see what has exercised the Parish Council for that time.

Fifty years ago the Precept was £45, the village was hoping for a new hall and street lights were coming. Supplying mains water was about to go to an enquiry whilst mains sewage wasnít a priority. However the footpaths were very muddy and in need of maintenance.

In 1959, 40 years ago, the Parish Council forewent the £1 a year rent it had been receiving for the grazing on the green and had it bulldozed flat as a playing field, the bank against Chandlers Lane was made steep to prevent access. The council had been put 6th on the list for a mains sewerage scheme and Thorney Croft path was still muddy and nearly impassable.

Thirty years ago at the end of the sixties mains sewage work started and the Parish Council was preoccupied with Civil Defence.

1979 Ė Twenty years ago, we laid out a cremation plot and concern was expressed about the state of the Churchyard wall. And the slide was repaired.

In 1999 we have some of the same problems but some progress has been made.

I am pleased to be able to report that in the last year the new school has arrived and is drawing to a successful conclusion, and so after fifty years in addition to the village hall, the village gets its new hall in the school.

The churchyard wall repairs seem to be drawing to a successful conclusion as well, although we have not managed yet to draw the promised money from Kennet.

We did manage to extract £18,000 from Kennetís grasp that Beazers had paid as a commuted sum. Slowly we are moving to spending it on improved leisure facilities. The play equipment including the slide will be improved and access to the Green from Chandlers Lane will be made easier.

Beazers new development, which I must remember are the Ridings and not the Sidings, is drawing to a successful conclusion and we look forward to welcoming the new residents into the village.

Also drawing to a conclusion are the extensive canal works, considering the weather and huge task they had, I think the contractors have done an excellent job.

After many years the Amenity Area saga on the Glebe seems to be coming to a successful conclusion.

The new school made the recycling bins homeless, despite our efforts we could not find another site and so they went to whereever recycling bins are recycled.

After twenty years the posts round the cemetery plot were replaced.

Next month we can expect the Wriggly bus to arrive and maybe revolutionise rural transport in the Pewsey Vale, as long as you only want to go to Devizes.

And finally the millennium also appears to be coming to a conclusion, successfully I believe, well at least in All Cannings it will because we have the Parish Council organising the planting of a Yew tree. And an excellent Millennium Committee organising trees, hedges, bun fights and all manner of jollities. I look forward to it.

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