November 29, 2000

29th November 2000

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 29th November 2000

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mr Hunt, J. Combe (KDC), Mrs Currie, Mrs Riseley- Prichard
Mr. Butcher, Mrs Butcher), Dr Hollway

Cllr Willmott (WCC), J. Combe (KDC),

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 25th October 2000 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Millennium Committee: The PCC sent a letter of apology to the committee regarding the damage to the trees that were planted for the millennium and offered to replace them, the committee will accept the offer.

Allington Corner: An order for the traffic calming chevrons etc. has been put through, although no time factor is available yet.

Recycle bins; Mr Cater of the Village Hall Committee has replied enclosing a copy of a letter they have sent to KDC regarding the positioning of the bins and the need to ensure the access to where to the location is fortified. The Clerk has spoken to Mrs White at KDC who is liasing with Hills Waste and will visit the site at the back of the hall to see if the bins can be put there. She will contact the Clerk once she has met with a representative from Hills Waste.

Prospect Cottages: The Clerk contacted KDC regarding the removal of the front garden hedges and digging out of the front garden of the cottages. The hedges are not protected under any Acts, only trees. The planning department said there was no need for planning permission to be sought unless the works involved major engineering work or excavation leading onto a major road.

Rubbish: The Clerk was asked to contact Humberts to find out what they were planning to do about the clearance of the field.

Glebe Pruning: No planning permission will be needed for the removal of the branches encroaching into Mr Minnes’ garden. Mr Game will go ahead and bill accordingly.


Village Hall: AGM was held on 30th October a new Chairman was not found but Secretary and Treasurer remain the same. Hire charges will remain the same.
Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 29th November 2000

PCC: A tea party will take place on 6th Dec to help funding. The Clerk received a copy of the risk management report carried out on the Church the three items of relevance to the council were noted and the Clerk was asked to amend future Cemetery and Churchyard contracts accordingly.

FtPs: The steps on Ftpath 2 are being dealt with by WCC via the school. Footpath9 -Thornycroft has several trees down from the wind and floods resulting in some root-ball damage to the bridge the Clerk will contact the warden and alert her.
Drewitts Lane Ftpath 3/4 banks are causing huge amounts of mud to fall onto the path, the Clerk would contact the warden to see if some form of ground cover could be planted to help.

Transport: Wiggly Bus meeting on 31st October at Bouverie hall Pewsey was attended the project is to continue and has been judged a success with more evening services planned. The council will receive the minutes of the meeting in due course.

Leisure Facilities:
Play Area: The annual inspection from ROSPA has been carried out Mrs Butcher kindly drew up a summary chart and work to be carried out was agreed in order of priority. The Clerk is awaiting a response from AS&A Leisure regarding the insurance requirements stipulated in their last letter. The Clerk would also be reviewing the council’s assets before the next premium is due next year.


Planning Permissions
K/040082/T Mr & Mrs Lock, The Old Rectory, All Cannings
Pruning of various trees and shrubs.
K/039918 Mr & Mrs Smith The Grange, All Cannings
Demolition of existing outbuildings and rebuilding of new games room.

WDS: A letter seeking the councils views on provision of Cleaning and Grounds Service was completed in meeting.

KDC: A questionnaire was completed about their Technical Services in meeting.

Splash 2001: A letter requesting a donation was received and refused under the council’s Section 137 policy.

Devizes & District Link: A report of the work carried out in the past year and request for a donation was received. Under the council’s policy it was proposed by Dr Hollway and seconded by Mrs Currie that £50 was given.

Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 29th November 2000


Seven cheques were submitted for signature.
29th Nov Playground Services-ROSPA 000334 £71.68
29th Nov Mr Game-Glebe wages 000335 £84.00
“ “ Mr Gunnell-Cemetery wages 000336 £90.00
“ “ Mr Coles-Churchyard wages 000337 £143.00
“ “ A.C Village Hall-Sept,Oct hire 000338 £8.75
“ “ Mrs Daw-Clerk Sal& expenses 000339 £183.46
“ “ Devizes & District Link-Sect137don 000340 £50.00

Accounts: for the Year Ending March31st 2000 were presented to the council and signed off.
The Clerk was asked to review the council’s assets before the next insurance payment is due.
Precept: No increase in the precept was proposed by Mr Daw and seconded by Mr Butcher.


Drewitts Lane: Ftpath 3/4 banks are causing huge amounts of mud to fall onto the path, the Clerk would contact the warden to see if some form of ground cover could be planted to help.

Meeting closed at 9.15pm

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