September 27, 2000

27th September 2000

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 27th September 2000

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mrs Butcher, Mr Hunt, Mrs Currie
Mr. Butcher, Mrs Riseley- Prichard

APOLOGIES: Cllr Willmott (WCC) J. Combe (KDC), Dr Hollway,

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 26th July 2000 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Millennium Committee: The street party was a great success.

Glebe Chicane: The chicane has been completed.

Litterbins: The Clerk will contact Mr Kimber at KDC again regarding the bin at The Pound. The bin at Allington Corner has been replaced.

Best Kept Village: The judge’s comments will be sent every year.

Allington Corner: It was noted that the trees alongside the road on Wansdyke Cottage property were a little overgrown causing visibility problems the Clerk would seek the owners cooperation in dealing with the matter.

Recycle bins; The Clerk was asked to contact Mr Cater of the Village Hall Committee to see if the recycling bins could be replaced at the back of the Village Hall as they were greatly missed.

Audit: The Clerk has met with David Head at David Owen & Co to finalise the accounts and expects to be able to sign them off in the October meeting.

British Waterways: Unfortunately the Clerk was unable to attend the 10th Anniversary of the re-opening of the Kennet & Avon Canal on August 8th at 12.00 noon


Village Hall: Internal decorating has been completed. The replacement of the side door and creation of a ramp for the disabled is due in the next phase. The front and rear window replacements have been installed.

PCC: The church floor repairs continue. The council agreed to pay 50% of the cost incurred in the removal of a wasps nest by the churchyard wall.

Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 27th September 2000

FtPs: Concern was expressed about some steps that had been put in when the old school mobile classrooms were installed on footpath 2. They have become hazardous. The school would be contacted to find out who should be asked to repair the steps.

Transport: None

Leisure Facilities:
Play Area: Insurance for the cycle track has been looked into and will need further contact with ROSPA. Several repairs jobs are due, Mrs Butcher was told to go ahead with any minor repairs as in the works schedule drawn up last year.

Green Access Point: FS Butcher & Sons have completed the ramp. The Clerk has applied for the grants that were available to the council unfortunately two were refused but one will contact the council in November when they will be making their decision.


Planning: Planning Permissions:
K/039697/T Mr & Mrs Frost, Rybury Townsend, All Cannings
Tree crown removal by 2m and cutting dead Ash
K/039722 Mr & Mrs C Butcher, Townsend House, Townsend, All Cannings
Erection of a conservatory
K/039723 Mr & Mrs G T Butcher, Cannings Drove House, Townsend, All Cannings
Erection of a conservatory
Planning Applications
K/039744 Mr & Mrs Frankton, Chez Nous, Stanton St Bernard.
Loft conversion, single storey garden room and double garage

All Cannings Holiday Scheme: The scheme has closed and have donated the rest of their funds comprising of £96.86 to the Parish Council to be used for any children’s facilities in the village.


Eight cheques were submitted for signature.
27th Sept Mr Gunnell-Cemetery wages 000324 £90.00
“ “ Mr Game –Glebe wages 000325 £84.00
“ “ Mr Coles-Churchyard wages 000326 £143.00
“ “ Wessex Water-Cem. Rates 000327 £11.75
“ “ FS Butcher & Sons-Access ramp 000329 £1,762.50
“ “ Mrs Daw-Clerk sal & Exp 000330 £188.78
“ “ A.C.Village Hall-July hire 000331 £3.50
“ “ P.C.C.-wasps nest cost 000332 £13.50

Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 27th September 2000


Kennet District Council 2nd instalment of Precept £2,150.00
All Cannings Holiday Scheme remaining funds £96.86

Prospect Cottages; The Clerk was asked to contact KDC regarding the removal of the front garden hedges and digging out of the front garden of the cottages as it was believed that planning permission was needed for any such work to be carried out in the conservation area of the village..

Meeting closed at 8.40pm

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