July 26, 2000

26th July 2000

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 26th July 2000

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mrs Butcher, Mr Hunt,
Mr. Butcher, Mrs Riseley- Prichard

APOLOGIES: Cllr Willmott (WCC) J. Combe (KDC), Dr Hollway, Mrs Currie

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 28th June 2000 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Adoption of Amenity Areas, The Glebe: Nothing to report.

Millennium Committee: The council asked if there was a program of events for the street party. Mr Hunt would find out.

Glebe Chicane: The chicane is being completed.

Litterbins: The Clerk talked to Mr Kimber at KDC who said that the bin on The Pound was KDCís property. The Clerk asked if the bin could be adapted to be fixed to the ground. Mr Kimber would look into it and contact the Clerk. The Clerk was asked to see if Kennet would replace the bin on the Allington Corner that was destroyed with the notice-board last year.

Best Kept Village: The Clerk received detailed comments by the judges. The main area of criticism was the state of the Village hall front door and bench. Building materials were also mentioned. The Clerk was asked to find out if the judgeís comments could be sent every year.

Allington Corner: The Clerk received another letter from Hotspur Cottage about an incident on the road in mid July involving a vehicle turning over, luckily there were no injuries. The Clerk passed on the information to Mr Hay.

Verges: The Highways Dept sent a thank you letter for the councilís comments about their cutting policy.

School Fete: The school did not use The Green for a Tug Of War game. The fete was a great success with over £1,000 being raised for school funds. The end of term performance of The Piped Piper was a sell out. It was noted that the school gated have not always been locked at night Mr Hunt would contact the caretaker to alert her.

Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 26th July 2000


Village Hall: Internal decorating is due to be carried out along with replacement of the side door and creation of a ramp for the disabled. The front window replacement has been ordered.

PCC: A thank you letter was received from the PCC for the councilís contribution to wards the Churchyard path.

FtPs: FP14: None

Transport: None

Leisure Facilities:
Play Area: A percentage of the total needed to be paid in advance to AS & A Leisure for the cycle track.
The replacement of the wobble beam on the adventure trail by Playquest was completed. Mrs Butcher reported that it had been written all over.

Green Access Point: A third quote had been received from Mansell Builders. The three quotes are as follows;
W.D.S £3870 plus vat
Mansell Builders £3588.35 incl. Vat
FS Butcher & Sons £1500 plus vat
Two councillors declared an interest ( Mr & Mrs Butcher)
The vote to accept the quote from FS Butcher & Sons was unanimous the Clerk would also seek Mrs Currieís vote out of meeting and if in agreement would instruct FS Butcher & Sons to proceed. The Clerk would now apply for the two grants that were available to the council.


Planning: Planning Permissions:
K/039362/L Mr K Baron, Rendells Farm, All Cannings
Single storey extension
K/039362 Mr K Baron, Rendells Farm, All Cannings
Single storey extension
Planning Applications
K/039697/T Mr & Mrs Frost, Rybury Townsend, All Cannings
Tree crown removal by 2m and cutting dead Ash
K/039722 Mr & Mrs C Butcher, Townsend House, Townsend, All Cannings
Erection of a conservatory
K/039723 Mr & Mrs G T Butcher, Cannings Drove House, Townsend, All Cannings
Erection of a conservatory
Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 26th July 2000

Lifelong Learning Partnership: A letter was received asking for the councilís views on a project to provide mobile training units in rural areas. They would be resourced according to local need and programmed by demand. The units would remain in-situ for the duration of the course and return according to demand. Two or three units capable of training 10-14 people at a time are envisaged. The councillors felt that due to the proximity of Devizes college at lot f the type of learning was already available to villagers. They also felt any courses could be run by hiring the Village Hall or School at lower cost than the start up costs of providing mobile units.#

Grave Stones: Two requests for monuments were received one from James Long for a Mrs Hilda Gale, this was approved and the second for three monuments for the Stevens Family which were also approved.

British Waterways: An invitation to the 10th Anniversary of the re-opening of the Kennet & Avon Canal on August 8th at 12.00 noon was received the Clerk would attend.

Community First: Notice of their AGM was received along with a request for membership renewal at a cost of £20.00. It was felt that the current membership with WALC and NALC was providing sufficient information and therefore the Clerk was instructed not to renew membership.

Audit: The Audit Commission officially approved David Owen & Co as the councilís new auditors.

One cheque was submitted out of meeting
30th June AS & A Leisure-cycle track 000321 £431.00
Two cheques were submitted for signature.
26th July A.C Village hall- June hire 000322 £7.00
ď ď Playquest- wobble beam 000323 £293.75
James Long Masons- monument fee £30.00
Young Johnson - monument fee £90.00

Recycle bins; The Clerk was asked to contact Mrs Lane, Chairman of the Village Hall to see if the recycling bins could be replaced at the back of the Village Hall as they were greatly missed. Kennet said on removal of the bins when the school was built that they would return them when a new site could be found.

Meeting closed at 8.30pm

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