June 28, 2000

28th June 2000

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 28th June 2000

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mrs Currie, Mrs Butcher, Mr Hunt, Dr Hollway
Mr. Butcher, J. Combe (KDC)

APOLOGIES: Mrs Riseley- Prichard), Cllr Willmott (WCC)

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 31st May 2000 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Adoption of Amenity Areas, The Glebe: The Clerk contacted the residents asking for the fence to be removed. The fence was removed well before the deadline given.

Churchyard Path: The path has been completed a contribution of £50.00 as previously agreed was proposed by Mr Daw and seconded by Mr Butcher.

Millennium Committee: The temporary street closure for 5th August from1pm until midnight for a street party, has been granted

Glebe Chicane: The chicane is still not completed the Clerk was asked to contact Beazer Homes to find out why.

Litterbins: The Clerk had various prices for litterbins due to the high cost She was asked to contact KDC to see if they sold off any and if so circulate the various options before the next meeting.

Burial Rates: the Chairman and a councillor signed the new charges agreed at the previous meeting. The Clerk would inform all relevant parties of the new charges.

Closed Churchyard Grant: The Clerk spoke to Mr Shearer who informed the Clerk that the grants were only open to Parochial Church Councils not Parish Councils.

Allington Corner: Mr Daw and the Clerk met Mr Hay on site to discuss possible measures to reduce speeding round the corners and alert drivers to the dangers. Mr Hay suggested a larger chevron sigh outside Hotspur Cottage, repainting of all white road markings and replacements of the reflector bollards outside Wansdyke Cottage. Mr Hay hoped that the alterations would take place in the next few months. The Clerk had written to the two concerned residents informing them of the site visit and will update them when any further action is taken.

Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 28th June 2000

Lipgate Rd: The Highways Dept has placed the area outside the Cemetery on their inspection list to see how they can prevent it flooding. It was proposed by Dr Hollway and seconded by Mrs Currie that a letter of congratulations was sent to the Highways Dept on their revised policy of cutting the more minor road verges before the A roads which has provided much better visibility much sooner than in previous years.


School: None

Village Hall: None

PCC: A Summer Wine Party is being held on Friday 30th June at Rose Cottage for fund raising purposes.

FtPs: FP14: The alterations to the bridge and installation of the hunting gate on footpath 6 is due to start in the next fortnight. They will also cut back any overgrown paths whilst doing the work. Mr Daw has cut the overgrowth on footpath 14.

Transport: Mrs Combe ( KDC) took several comments made by residents concerning the Wiggly Bus, to the meeting. The explanation for the drivers not picking people up unless they had already phoned was due to the call all being routed through a central satellite tracking system. The bus will take block bookings. They are considering extending the service to include evenings.

Leisure Facilities:
Play Area: The Clerk met with a representative from AS&A Leisure about the cycle track. A quotation was received with diagram for £2,153.13 it was proposed that this was accepted as it fell well below the agreed budget by Mr Daw and seconded by Dr Hollway, a percentage of the total might need to be paid in advance.
The replacement of the wobble beam on the adventure trail by Playquest was quoted to cost £250.00. It was proposed by Mr Daw and seconded by Mr Hunt that this be paid for out of the general fund, as it was a repair job.


Planning: Planning Permissions:
K/039237 Mr Miedzianosk- Sinclair, Grange Cottage, All Cannings. Alteration of existing field access for a new drive to Grange Cottage and construction of new drive
K/039199 Humberts estate Agents, Former School, School Lane, All Cannings. Change of use and associative alterations and extension to covert former school to a single dwelling.
Planning Applications
K/039360 Revised Mr J Curnick plot adjacent to No12 The Street, All Cannings. Erect a single dwelling.

Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 28th June 2000

Best Kept Village: The results for the competition had been received All Cannings was place 3rd in the Medium Village category with 90 points. The Clerk is hoping to receive detailed comments by the judges soon.

W.A.L.C. A letter notifying the council that there AGM will take place on 21st July at The Town hall Devizes was received. No body was available to attend

Military Graves: The Clerk has received a letter from the Administrative Officer of 43 Wessex Army Brigade asking if the parish had any “non-war graves” in our Churchyard or Cemetery. The Clerk would check the sites but it was thought none were present.

One cheque was submitted out of meeting
5th June Cornhill Insurance-annual fee 000313 £256.60
Seven cheques were submitted for signature.
28th June Mr G Game-Glebe wages 000314 £84.00
“ “ Mr F Coles-Churchyard wages 000315 £143.00
“ “ Mr M Gunnell-Cemetery wages 000316 £90.00
“ “ Mr G Game- Debris removal 000317 £10.00
“ “ Mrs Daw- Clerk salary&expenses 000318 £191.00
“ “ A.C Village hall- May hire 000319 £7.00
“ “ Pcc All Saints Church- path 000320 £50.00


School Fete: Concern was expressed over the effect on the turf on The Green from the Tug of War held the previous year. The Clerk was asked to contact the PTFA to ask that the game not take place on the pitch.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm

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