May 31, 2000

31st May 2000

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 31st May 2000

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mrs Currie, Mrs Butcher, Mr Hunt, Dr Hollway
Mr. Butcher, Mrs Riseley- Prichard ), Cllr Willmott(WCC)


Mr T Daw was re-elected as Chairman by a unanimous vote
Mrs E Currie was re-elected as Vice Ė Chairman by a unanimous vote

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 26th April 2000 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Adoption of Amenity Areas, The Glebe: The Clerk contacted the Dog Warden as who found little trace of any dog mess but did speak to some of the residents and will be putting up some dog fouling signs. The council decided that a deadline should be given for the removal of the post and rail fence to coincide with the next meeting. The Clerk was asked to ensure all properties get this letter asking for the fence to be removed. The Clerk was asked to acknowledge the letter of support received from No.3 the Glebe.

Commuted Sum: The Clerk has sent the new plans to all contractors and is awaiting their revised quotes.

Churchyard Path: No further work has been undertaken.

Millennium Committee: The committee has received £1,500 from the Millennium Committee of London. The Cemetery gates have been finished and the two stones ready for the commemoration ceremony on 11th June at 4pm on The Green. The committee have requested a temporary street closure for 5th August from1pm until midnight for a street party.

Glebe Chicane: The chicane is being put in place.

Skip: The number of skips allocated per village is not related to population growth. Councillors felt that many people were unaware of Kennetís free waste pick up service and asked the Clerk to add this information to the skip notices.

Ofsted Report: The Clerk wrote a congratulatory letter to the school who have put the letter on their notice board

Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 31st May 2000

Green Work: Mr Turner carried out the various tree pruning on The Green the debris was taken up to Cannings Cross Farm by Mr Game.

Litterbins: The Clerk was asked to search out find out the prices of the various options for the next meeting.

Corner Cottage: The councillors looked at the plans, no obvious differences were spotted. There was a query as to whether the space above the garage was being used for storage as in the plans.

Canal Boats: British Waterways told the Clerk hat a boat may be moored up to fourteen consecutive days then must travel a minimum of 10Km and not return to the original mooring within twenty eight days.

Burial Rates: Devizes Town Councilís rates were compared to All Cannings and some charges were raised.
Exclusive Right of Burial for a single or double grave £100
Placement of a headstone in the Cemetery £50
Placement of a tablet in the cremated remains plot £25

Churchyard Grass: The Clerk was asked to contact Mr Coles to ask if one of the yearly complete cuts could take place before the end of July due to a large party of American visitors coming to research their relatives on the last weekend in July.

Closed Churchyard Grant: The Clerk spoke to Mr Hussey who explained that a grant was usually granted to cover the maintenance of a Churchyard. As the Parish already took care of this Kennet might suggest that instead of taking over the maintenance at a higher cost they give the council a grant to cover the current arrangement. The Clerk was asked to pursue this further.


School: The school had vandals wreck part of the new garden over the Easter Holidays and is asking for extra vigilance and that anybody seen be reported to the police.

Village Hall: The replacement window originally planned in hard wood may according to grant restrictions be made of plastic. The noticeboard needs repairing too. Various maintenance works will be carried out both internally and externally. The committee are hoping to place a wheelchair ramp at one of the entrances to the hall.

PCC: A blessing Service for the Cemetery Gates and Millennium stones will take place on The Green on 11th June at 4pm.

Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 31st May 2000

FtPs: FP14: Esther Daly has spoken to the owner of the field on Ftp 6 Mr Baron regarding a new gate being put in the fence. A hunting gate was proposed by Esther instead of a kissing gate. The council agreed this was a more acceptable alternative and would pay for it and the pedestrian gate would be paid for from WCCís maintenance budget. Whilst agreeing on principle to funding one of the new stiles, the councillors felt that Mr Baron who owns the field where the kissing gate would be placed needed to be contacted. They also felt that a large kissing gate would be too high for the fence line and asked the Clerk to contact Esther to see if an alternative was possible.

Transport: Mrs Combe ( KDC) took several comment made by residents concerning the Wiggly Bus, the lack of local knowledge of the drivers and that the bus was refusing to pick up passenger who were at a pick up point unless they had phoned, which resulted in loss of use.

Play Area: The cost of a fun box was thought to be prohibitive. The council reviewed a previous cycle track scheme and agreed that a budget of £3,000 proposed by Mr Daw and seconded by Mrs Currie was set to try to acquire some of the equipment in the original quote. The Clerk was also asked to find out the cost of repairing the wobble balance beam that Play Quest built. If necessary a decision could be made out of meeting concerning its repair.

LinC Scheme: A launch on Sunday 2nd July in the Village Hall at 4pm is being held to introduce Petanque and the other activities planned.


Planning: Planning Permissions:
K/038614 Mr Baron Rendells Farm, All Cannings . Conversion of Piggeries into 5 holiday cottages.
K/038956 Mr & Mrs Brown, Timeless House, Grangefield, All Cannings. Erection of a single and two storey extension.
K/038962/L Drs Holway, Drewitt cottage, Drewitt Lane , All Cannings. Erection of a replacement conservatory.
Planning Applications
K/039360 Mr J Curnick plot adjacent to No12 The Street, All Cannings. Erect a single dwelling.
K/0396/L Mr Baron Rendells Farm, All Cannings. Single Storey extension.
K/039632 Mr Baron Rendells Farm, All Cannings. Single Storey extension.
K/039237 Mr Miedzianosk- Sinclair, Grange Cottage, All Cannings. Alteration of existing field access for a new drive to Grange Cottage and construction of new drive.

Michael Ancram MP: A thank you letter was received from Mr Ancram for the councilís comments on Parish Councils and their functions.

Page 4 of Parish Council Minutes dated 31st May 2000

Leisure Bus: The bus will be on The Green weather permitting on16th August from 2pm until 4pm or in the Village Hall.

Allington corners: A letter from Mr Hodge at Rookery Cottage and Prof.& Mrs Till at Wansdyke Cottage, Allington were received. Both letters asked for the councilís support in seeking better safety measures on this section of the road. Mr Willmott recommended contacting Mr G Hay to arrange a site visit.

Lipgate Road: The Clerk was asked to contact the Highways Dept about the consistent flooding on the road outside the Cemetery.

Vandalism: The Clerk has received several reports of vandalism occurring in the village over the last two months by young people some from outside the village. The police had been contacted and said whilst they could not patrol the village regularly to continue to report any incidents. It was suggested that Mr Ball be contacted as the Neighbourhood Watch representative, so he was aware of all the complaints received.

Three cheques were submitted for signature.
31st May Mr C Watkins-repair to Cem. tap 000310 £38.00
ď ď A.C Village Hall Ė April hire 000311 £8.00
ď ď Wcc-2 kissing gates 0003121 £240.00
Cornhill Insurance due a cheque would be signed out of meeting.
Received: First Instalment Precept £2150.00
VAT reclaim period 6/99-31/3/00 £267.42


School Fete: Concern was expressed over the effect on the turf on The Green from the Tug of War held the previous year. The Clerk was asked to contact the PTFA to ask that the game not take place on the pitch.

Meeting closed at 9.40pm

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