March 29, 2000

29th March 2000

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 29th March 2000

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 29th March 2000

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mrs Currie, Mrs Butcher, Mr Hunt, Dr Hollway
Mr. Butcher,Mrs Riseley- Prichard , Cllr Willmott(WCC)


Minutes of the previous meeting held on 1st March 2000 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Adoption of Amenity Areas, The Glebe: Received a letter confirming the points raised by Mr Crookshank and Mr Collier at the previous meeting. The letter had been circulated to all councillors. After a brief discussion where the councillors expressed their continuing concerns a secret ballot was proposed by Mr Butcher and seconded by Mrs Butcher to ascertain if the parish council wished to continue further with discussions over the land (yes) or wished not to continue negotiations with the residents(no). The result was 6 no and 1 yes. The Clerk was asked to write to the residents letting them know of the council’s decision.

Commuted Sum: Mr Legg drew up plans for an access point at a cost of £150. He supplied three copies. The Clerk was asked to contact the contractors with the new plans for new quotes and to include the cost of two signs notifying the public of the access point. She was also asked to apply for the grants already reviewed by the council.

LinC Scheme: nothing to report

Churchyard Path: No further work has been undertaken.

Millennium Committee: Nothing to report

Stiles: Work has started on the footpath 9 bridge and the kissing gates are also being installed. Various other works has been taking place around the parish resulting in repairs and installation of footpath signs. The Clerk was asked to write a letter of thanks to Esther Daly for all her help over recent months.

Michael Ancram MP: The Clerk read out a draft letter giving support to Mr Ancram’s opposition to abolishing Parish Councils in favour of neighbourhood forums. The councillors were happy for the letter to be sent.

Audit Pilot Scheme: The Clerk had applied for entry into the scheme and is awaiting a response.
Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 29th March 2000

Glebe Chicane: The Clerk received a reply from Beazer Homes stating that they were awaiting a revised traffic-calming scheme from Wiltshire County Council. The Clerk was asked to find out why the original plans were altered and when the chicane would be in place.


School: A copy of the Ofsted Report has been received by the school. Mrs Riseley-Prichard reported that the governors were very happy with the results and gave the council a copy to be passed round. The councillors appreciated the good news especially after all the upheaval the school had faced in the last year and felt a letter of congratulation should be sent to Mrs Roberts and the staff. The numbers on roll have gone up since last year.

Village Hall: Trees have been planted at the rear of the plot, to separate the parking and grass areas.

PCC: A.G.M. is due in April

FtPs: FP14: The Clerk has applied to KDC to remove the dead Elms along footpath 14 and is awaiting a reply.

Transport: The Pewsey Vale Transport Group sent a letter about the Quiet Lanes Project asking if the parish council wished them to represent them in campaigning for protecting roads from increased traffic to make it safer for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. The council asked to be kept informed.
A Devizes Community Area Transport Plan Exhibition is to be held at Devizes Market Place on 13th April from 11am – 7pm. The Clerk would put it on the notice board

Play Area: The new hedge has had the tops lopped off due to the stakes being removed. The Clerk was asked to contact WDS to alert them to this. The adventure trail net has been repaired. The seat commemorated to Birt Whatley has deteriorated further and part of one of the seat boards has been vandalised and need repairing immediately. Mrs Butcher was thanked for all her hard work on the play area.


Planning: Planning Permissions:
K038708 Mr & Mrs Humbey, 2 Chandlers Lane, All Cannings –erection of a lean to conservatory to rear and extension of outbuildings southward
K038742/T Mrs Poppy, 32 The Street, All Cannings-fell and remove an ornate Cherry tree
K038562/L Mr Baron Rendells Farm All Cannings –construction of new fireplace and flue
Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 29th March 2000

Planning Applications
K038909/T Mr Littlewood, 5 Matthews Close. To fell a Willow tree and cut branch and prune Cherry tree
K038956 Mr Brown Timeless House, Grangefield, All Cannings. Erect single storey and two storey extensions, including demolishing and replacing existing conservatory.
K038908/T Mr Burridge 1 Matthews Close. To reduce height of conifer trees on west side to 10ft.
K038962/L Dr Hollway, Drewitts Cottage, Drewitts Lane, All Cannings. Erection of a replacement conservatory.
K038614 Mr Baron Rendells Farm, All Cannings. Amended plans for conversion of piggeries to holiday cottages
K038866 Mr Baron Rendells Farm All Cannings. To install new fireplace and chimney

Woman’s Royal Voluntary Service: A request for money was received form the organisation. According to the council’s donation policy no money will be awarded.

Parish Council Liaison Meeting & Development Control: An invitation to attend the meeting at Kennet District Offices was received for 23rd May starting at 7.30pm. Several councillors will try to attend.

Green Hire: A request from All Cannings PTFA was received asking for permission to use The Green on Saturday 24th June for the Summer Fete. No charge will be asked. The Clerk was asked to ensure that the insurance form was signed by the PTFA.

Hire Charges Village Hall: The Clerk has received the new hire charges for the Village Hall.

Seven cheques was submitted for signature.
29th March Mr Legg – Access point drawings 000300 £150.00
“ “ Mr Gunnell – wages Cemetery &Petrol 000301 £105.50
“ “ Mr Coles – wages Churchyard 000302 £138.00
“ “ Mr Game – wages Glebe land 000303 £93.33
“ “ A.C.Village Hall – hire Jan` 000304 £7.80
“ “ Audit Commission – ’98-99 Accounts 000305 £229.83
“ “ Mrs Daw – wages & expenses 000306 £197.56
Contract Salaries were assessed and the following increases agreed:
Mr M Gunnell an increase of £35 per annum
Mr F Coles an increase of £20 per annum
Mr G Game an increase of £56 per annum
The Clerk was asked to transfer sufficient funds from the Leisure investment account to the treasurer’s account to cover the cost of Mr Legg’s bill and the two kissing gates due for payment in April. The transfer takes 30 days

Page 4 of Parish Council Minutes dated 29th March 2000


Ditch: The roadside ditch along Chandlers Close has had rubbish dumped it, also some conifer tree cuttings have been dumped in the field alongside the play area at the end of the Close.

Skip: The Clerk was asked to contact KDC to ask if they could remove the excess rubbish left by the skip recently taken from the village

Hounds Fouling: Concerns about the way the hounds at the Avon Vale Hunt Meet were let out and ran all over parts of the Green were expressed. The Clerk was asked to write to the hunt Master and request the hounds were not let out that location again.

Meeting closed at 9.10pm

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