July 29, 1998

29th July 1998

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 29th July 1998

Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 29th July 1998

PRESENT: Mr.T. Daw (in the chair)
Mr. Hunt, Mrs. Currie, , Mr. Bellotti, Mr. Butcher,
Mrs.J.Combe(KDC), Mrs.Riseley-Prichard



Minutes of the previous meeting held on 26th June 1998 having been circulated, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Adoption of Amenity Areas, The Glebe: Treasury Solicitor was contacted and they informed us that York Close had not been dissolved as previously thought, and suggested we ring Grant Thornton. A letter from the Crown Estate was also received advising us that no Notice of Disclaimer had been received from the Official Receivers i.e. Edward Symmons & Co as they may be able to transfer the land to us. The Clerk was asked to continue to follow this up.

Churchyard Wall: No bill has been received from Grahamís yet, it was agreed that a cheque would be signed out of meeting if needed.

Commuted Sum: Ideas received from Parishioners are: replace swings and slide with new, supply a picnic table for adults, put basketball stands on old netball surface when the school no longer use it. Mr Bellotti volunteered to find out cost options on these and councillors suggestions for the next meeting, this would include a maintenance sum.


School: The digging has started. The recycling bins will have to be removed soon, the Clerk was asked to find out who to contact. The Clerk was also ask to ask the contractors to make sure all lorries use the second turning into the village to prevent them driving through the village.

Village Hall: None

PCC: Interviews have been postponed until the end of July or August.

FPs: Footpath 2 running up to the Church door is cracked and uneven and the stile at the back of Thornycroft is almost impassable due to waist high nettles. A letter was received from Mrs Jay Chairman of W.C.C. in reply to our complaint stating that a parish receives rights of way maintenance on a three or four-year rotation.

Page 2 of Parish Council Minutes dated 24th June 1998

FPs continued, All Cannings is due for maintenance in the next financial year. The paths listed in our letter have been added to the list for clearance, others must be brought to the attention of out Rights of Way Warden. Mr Butcher proposed and Mrs Currie seconded that the parish council should pay someone to clear our footpaths so they are passable as the paths are an asset to the village and send W.C.C. the clearance bill.

Transport:. The Kennet & Avon canal is due to have work done on it near the village bridges which is due to start late September with a cable being put in along the towpath before actual Canal work commences. The Stanton and Allington footpaths will be closed during the canal work.
Bus Service 11 has been causing parishioners difficulties due to poor driver knowledge of the area and late arrivals, the Clerk was asked to write to the relevant people voicing our concern.
A car left in the Canal parking area by All Cannings Bridge is obviously abandoned and has been vandalised, the Clerk was asked to find out if it was going to be removed.


Local Democracy Week: Kennet sent out questionnaires to a proportion of residents enabling them to have their say on a number of issues.

Planning: Planning application K/036143 was received from Mr P. Gay and Mrs J. Allen at Unit One Cannings Cross Farm, for the extension and external alterations to Unit One.
Planning application C/103/98 was received from Mr P Hodgkins Forge house The Street, All Cannings for felling four fir trees .
Planning permission was granted for ;
C/103/98 for Mr P Hodgkins Forge House for the felling of four fir trees.
K/034817 for Beazer Homes for erection of 13 new houses on land behind the present Glebe.

Annual General Meeting: The Community First will be holding their AGM on September 10th at the Corn Exchange, Devizes. No councillors were available to attend the meeting.

KDC Liaison Meeting: will be held at 7.30p.m on Monday 28th September at the Bouverie Hall, Pewsey. It was asked that the issues of transport groups and bus services were brought up.

Volunteer Outreach Bureau: A letter was received trying to recruit village information volunteers to keep the Bureau updated with all relevant village

Page 3 of Parish Council Minutes dated 24th June 1998

information. The Clerk was asked to respond offering the use of both our notice-boards for any information gathering they needed.

Rotary Club Ambulance Maps: A letter was received from the Rotary Club Devizes requesting a diagramatic map of the two villages for the ambulance service who do not have access to those of the Fire Brigade. It was suggested that Rick Ozzard might be a good person to contact concerning this map.

Glebe Fencing: A letter was received from Mr Lee Director of Environmental Services at KDC regarding the fencing erected adjacent to The Glebe, stating that according to both Mr Primrose and Mr Fleet, Principal Development Control Officer the fencing did not breach the planning control. The Clerk was asked to check with the County Solicitor concerning this issue


Two cheques were submitted and authorised for signature:

29th July A.C. Village Hall-hire June 000236 £5.10
" ď P. Moore Ėpetrol receipts 000237 £ 33.59


Millenium: The Committee wants to place a Sarsen stone on the Pound by the seat and seek the Parish Councilís permission, they also are unclear if they would need planning permission, the Council did not object. The committee also sought ideas for where a smaller stone could be put in Allington the Clerk was asked to see if planning permission was needed and inform the committee accordingly.

Street Signs: Mr Hunt asked what the possibilities of having a Children Playing sign put up in Tumlins was, the Clerk would research this and let him know.

Parish Council Information Sheet: The Clerk was asked to prepare an information sheet on who the Councillors on the Council are and relevant information numbers for parishioners and put it on the notice-boards.

Recycling Bins: The Clerk was asked to seek alternative options to try to keep some if not all the recycling bins available in the village.

Mr Hackettís Memorial Tree: The council had received any enquiry into placing another sear either beside or around the tree.

Meeting closed at 8.55 p.m.

___________________________ ____________________ Chairman

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